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Living life inspired…a life of values multiplied.

         Space Inspirium is a part of GISTDA, GISTDA stand for Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (Public Organization) belong to Ministry of Science and Technology. The mission is to develop advanced space technology with Thaichote satellite, Thaichote satellite is the first Thailand survey satellite and develop Geo-informatics Technology and bring advantage information such as satellite data, Infrastructure Information to analyze, stored, managed And develop the country’s sustainability.
Zone 1 : APRSAF room
The inspiration from cosmos to imagination was shown from International Painting Contest of Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) project.
Learning, how our earth began? And who we are in the Milky Way? We will know the answer by many planets, and we will find the answer “why don’t we float out the Earth?”
Zone 3 : Why there are life on Earth?
Start to find the answer, why the universe has many planets but only the earth have life?
Zone 4 : Space And Earth Technology Exploration
The invention was made by imagination, the process of thinking, timing, and inspired surrounding.
Zone 5 : Go to Space
How to get ready to go out into the space? What factors are being concerned when travelling into outer space? After being out in the space, how will our body react? For example, body and gravity.  Experience the Gyroscope, a machine imitating gravity resistance used for the training of astronauts.
Zone 6 : Mars Walk
Simulator travel on Mars surface, where have gravity less than our Earth.
Zone 7 : Life in space, Space station
Living and Research in International Space Station: ISS
Zone 8 : Theatre
Enjoys with the film, which will bring us to find answer about cosmos by several planets.
Zone 9 : Satellite
The first resource survey satellite of Thailand. Model is as large as the real that orbit out the earth and we will learn the earth’s orbit.
Zone 10 : Mars
Have fun with the mission to Mars and excites with our Earth that tremendous satellites are orbiting around.
Zone 11 : Cosmo Cafe’to
To sit and drink some coffee in café and enjoy with Inspired by space.
Zone 12 : Yuri Kakarin
To know the first astronaut who can orbit the world
Zone 13 : Astronaut Backdrop
New landmark of Space Inspirium
Zone 14 : Geo Informatics
To study about our Earth by 3S technology information
Zone 15 : EEC (Eastern Economic Corridor)
Eastern Economic Corridor is a foreign strategic plan under Thailand 4.0
Zone 16 : Geographic Information System
How to process a lot of information before that become to maps?
Zone 17 : Street View
Travel around the world in 1 minute
Zone 18 : Remote Sensing
To learn how to get the information you need without go to get by yourself.
Zone 19 : GNSS Innovation Center
Find out GNSS satellite, which we can bring benefit information to use in industry widely.
Zone 20 : Quantum Motus Institute
Teach children to know and understand the basics of building a robot based on STEM principles. That is, using science, technology, engineering, mathematic to apply together. Kids will learn about the hardware, including the mechanics of assembling robots and the software that will need to program the robots to do what we have designed. Have children try to create their own imagination that will improve the robot to meet their own needs.
The application of nature and environment with agriculture, urban planning and security. And Visitors will gain more understanding through game.
Zone 22 : King’s Hydro-ago sufficiency
Welcome to visit King’s Hydro-ago sufficiency of economy theory by VDO Mapping. Start at water and soil to community and social for Sustainable social.
Zone 23 : VR Sphere
Travel in EEC future, important places to drive Thailand’s economy.
Zone 24 : Thailand Future City
Welcome to Future city, This Zone, every kids will meet robots that can work for our earth.
Zone 25 : KIBO
Segment model of International Space Station was built by Japan
Zone 26 : Mars Explorer
Drive ATV to explore on surface Mars



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